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Brown County Craft Gallery

Guest Artists


In addition to the members artists, the Brown County Craft Gallery proudly displays and sells the work of these juried guest artists.


Lynn Bakker - Baskets
David Berg - Pottery
Anne Brahaum - Fused Glass
Barb Brooke Davis - Felting
Monique Cagle - Painting
Dan Catlin - Candles
Karen Cherrington - Feather Jewelry
Dave and Patty Cole - Woodcarving/Aprons
Hugh Dagley - Woodcarving
Carl De Graaf - Pottery
Earth Drops - Handmade Soap
Demaris Gaunt - Leather Pouches/Mosaic Mirrors
Nancy Grabner - Baskets
Amy Greely - Jewelry
Bob Gustin - Looper Loom Potholder Kits
Joan Haab - Woven garments
Terran Marks - Hand forged metal
Miechele McCoy - Carved Soap 
Daniel Moore - Wood Turning
Ron Newton - Metal Art & Wood Burning
Judi Patterson - Basket jewelry
Rose Poe - Weaving
Michele Pollock - Mixed Media, Handbound Journals
Martha Sechler
Walt Schmidt - Pottery
Betty Westhues - Fiber
Dot Stier - Handmade Soap
Scott Stowers - Woodworking
Angela Thomas - Felting and hooking
Ann Woods - Bas-relief paper images